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About Us and our Reusable Capsules

There's no reason why your favourite hot drink should be bad for the environment, even if you've got a speedy machine that requires pods.

Quick, convenient and downright tasty, the humble coffee capsule has revolutionised our daily cuppa (part in thanks to a rather suave George Clooney). However, it has been reported that a massive 350 million capsules are thrown away every year – and that’s just in the UK alone. A pretty sobering thought.

Don’t worry though, we’re not about to suggest you forgo your quick caffeine fix (heaven forbid!) because thankfully there’s a whole host of eco-alternatives and we're here to bring them to you .

So we can reduce our plastic and aluminium waste for as much as possible.

All our capsules require experimentation and tries but as long as you don't mind a DIY project, they will deliver you with a good coffee sometimes as good as by using the original ones with the obvious advantage of being a sustainable and eco friendly alternative.

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