Reusable Coffee Capsule For Vertuo Next, Delonghi ENV135, ENV150 and Vertuoline Plus Machines

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Get started with brewing your morning coffee with your existing coffee machine!

Save the environment and money by using the iCafilas reusable coffee capsule.


Because of the differences in the brewing process, many of the reusable pods on the market are intended for the Original line of Nespresso machines, and very few are built for the Vertuo line. This is because the mechanics of the Vertuo process are more complicated. These pods need to spin rapidly, and it’s this spinning motion that mixes the coffee and water properly.

These Coffee Capsules aim to fill the space left by a lack of Vertuo refillable options, and they do it well. 

These capsules are a great choice for anyone who is excited about a newer Vertuo line machine, and who is looking for a more sustainable and cheaper way to get a morning coffee fix.


This coffee capsule is compatible with Nespresso Vertuoline! You can also use tea infusions or hot chocolate even inside of a Nespresso machine. 
With these new tiny reusable refillable capsules, you can save the environment while brewing your favourite coffees in the morning.  




1. Reusable 10-60 times, saving money, saving the earth.
2. Brew your own flavoured and fresh coffee, make your life unique.
3. Lower your costs.
4. Safe to use, made of food-grade BPA FREE plastic.