25 Sheets Reusable 85 times Bamboo Kitchen Rolls

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  • Reusable: Each bamboo paper towel can be cleaned and reused. A roll of paper towel will be equivalent to about 85 disposable kitchen rolls.
  • Better Than Traditional Paper Towels: Bamboo towels are more durable, more absorbent, and more natural than traditional paper towels. They reduce the total amount of towels needed to clean any spills, save money, and reduce towel waste.
  • Replace Traditional Paper Towels: Reusing paper towels can help reduce deforestation. 51,000 trees are needed every day to meet the daily needs of disposable paper towels. Paper towels come from sustainable bamboo forests.
  • Save Money: It is not disposable kitchen rolls. Paper towels will last about 85 times, which is super economic.
  • Versatile: Our bamboo towels can be used like regular paper towels, and can be washed and rinsed by hand. It works like a piece of cloth, and these bamboo kitchen towels are super, durable and absorbent. Suitable for every job in the kitchen and home.


    The bamboo fibre rug is thick and soft. It features strong wear resistance, oil resistance, and has water absorption capacity.

    A selection of microfiber materials, soft, soft fabric, comfortable and durable.

    Not easy to lose hair, no oil, easy to clean.


    Size: about 28*30cm/11.02*11.81in

    Number of pieces: one roll of 25 sheets
    Material: bamboo fibre