1000ML Stainless Steel French Press With Double Wall Design

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Material: High Boron Glass, Stainless Steel Rod, Plating Cover, Silicon base
Capacity: 1000ml / 34oz / 8 Cups
Item Size: 210x110mm / 8.27x4.33inch
Colour: Black / Silver
Difference VS Traditional French Press Pot: Separate coffee and coffee grounds apart
Package: 1x French Press Coffee Tea Maker




1. Advanced filter design stops any coffee grounds from escaping into the coffee, ensuring a perfect coffee experience. Once depressed filter automatically separates and isolates the coffee grounds from the coffee so that the brewing process ceases and prevents degradation of the coffee flavour.

2. Large capacity, 1 Liter (about 8 small coffee cups or 4 coffee mugs)

3. Boron glass body resists hot and cold temperatures allowing safe preparation of hot and iced coffee. (190℃-500℃)

4. Machine washable.

5. Silicone basement protects the glass from bumps and prevents the press from slipping. The base also prevents heat transfer from the glass container to any surface it is placed on.

6.   Multifunction:   You can use tea infusions, hot chocolate or scented tea instead of coffee, it is the best gifts for friends and family, ideal for home, party, office usage.

7. Has the best fine filtration to provide a nice flavour.                      

8, Inner special design water isolation system keeps nice flavour staying with you forever            

9. Easy to operate.




1* 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker