3 PCS Recaps Stainless steel Refillable Capsules for Nespresso Classic Machines

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Get started with brewing top quality coffee with your existing coffee machine!

Save the environment and money by using the new Recaps reusable coffee capsule.

The Recaps Stainless-Steel Refillable Pods stand out because rather than using a flip-top or any kind of latching, these pods rely on a sticker top. This is convenient because you’ll have no trouble loading one up and getting it ready. You’ll also have no trouble disposing of the used tops and doing a quick cleanup.

You’ll need to occasionally restock on tops, but if you don’t mind this, the Recaps is a great option. The sticker tops allow pressure to build up in a more reliable and even way than some alternatives, and this promises great crema.

Users enjoy this option and report that it works well.


This coffee capsule is compatible with Nespresso Original line! You can also use tea infusions or hot chocolate even inside of a Nespresso machine. 
With these new tiny reusable refillable capsules, you can save the environment while brewing your favourite coffees in the morning.  


1. Reusable, saving money, saving the earth.
2. Brew your own flavoured and fresh coffee, make your life unique.
3. Lower your costs, less than £0.01/time when you use it.
4. Safe to use, made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, BPA FREE, LEAD-FREE.
5. Makes good espresso coffee. 
6. Very easy to use, fill it up and then apply the self-adhesive aluminium sticker.

Compatible with:

-Essenza & Essenza Krups
-U & Umilk
-Lattissima & Lattissma+
-CitiZ & CitiZ Milk
-Gran Maestria & Maestria
-Le Cube
Not Compatible with:

-Citiz D110
-Delonghi En 97. W Nespresso
-Nespresso Vertuoline
-Nespresso home model C150 and C250



What's in the box:

Capsules   x3
Aluminum Espresso Lids  x120
Plastic Scoop  x1
Brush  x1