Capsulone™ Latest Refillable Reusable Metal Coffee Capsules for Nespresso Original Line with 3 replaceable filters

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Get started with brewing top quality coffee with your existing coffee machine!

Save the environment and money by using the Capsulone™ reusable coffee capsule 2 in 1 design with 3 replaceable Stainless Steel filters.

There are so many wonderful things about Nespresso machines and the delicious crema they can produce. For starters, there’s the ease of use and the convenience of being able to produce almost instantaneous single servings of coffee.

But there’s one big glaring downside to the Nespresso world – and it’s that most pods are only single-use. You may be struggling to deal with daily piles of used capsules, or you may be cautious about purchasing a new machine just to then have to buy a whole bunch of environmentally irresponsible pods.

You’ll likely enjoy these refillable Nespresso pods. 


 2 in 1 design, you can either use the 3 replaceable Steel filters or the Aluminium stickers.

Super-versatile with 3 replaceable Steel filters designed specifically for normal, coarse and fine powder, giving you the freedom to use a high variety of coffee powders from the home ground one to various brands available on the market.
Also, you have the option to use disposable Aluminium Stickers so you have total control in achieving the perfect cup of coffee.

1. Reusable, saving money, saving the earth.
2. Brew your own flavoured and fresh coffee, make your life unique with a DIY process.
3. Lower your costs, 10+ year lifetime use, less than £0.01/time when you use.
4. Safe to use, made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, BPA FREE, LEAD-FREE.
5. Makes espresso coffee close to the quality of how original Nespresso coffee pods do. 
6. Capacity: 4-4.5g Coffee powder.
7. Suitable for all Nespresso Orignal Line Machines except for U series Machines

第二 兼容 
1 capsule as the following picture:
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How to install the filter
1.Choose a suitable filter
2.Align the filter with the hole on the back of the lid
3.Press the filter plate down
How to remove the filter
1.Face the front of the lid to yourself
2.Press the filter with 2 thumbs
How to use sticker
1.Face the front of the lid to yourself
2.Just stick the sticker directly on the lid
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