High-quality Manual French Style Coffee Grinder with ceramic Grinding core

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  • High-quality: This manual coffee grinder is made from 304 stainless steel and borosilicate glass, with a ceramic grinding core. These materials are non-toxic, odourless, rustproof and corrosion-resistant.
  • Prefered grinding size: Built-in adjustable grind knob ensures you have precision control over the coarseness of your pour-over, drip, cold brew, percolator, Espresso.
  • Portable: There are no batteries, power or long plastic cords needed to operate, allowing you easy to carry on your next camping, hiking, backpacking, outdoors trip and so on.
  • Easy to clean: Every compartment can be removed for clean, you can clean with soapy water, rinse, and dry well.
  • Long handle: A long stainless steel handle for easy grip, it is ergonomic and comfortable to grip, effectively save your labour and time when is in use.
  • Wide use: Can be used to grind coffee beans or others.

Keep Fresh Coffee Flavor: The manual coffee grinder provides professional coffee beans grinding experience. Ceramic burr doesn't produce excessive friction heat, will not damage the flavour of coffee beans. If you turn the hand crank clockwise, you can feel the beans being broken and ground, release the rounded and intense flavour of the coffee beans. Enjoy the wonderful grinding experience by hand only!

6 Adjustable Levels: The knob in the middle of the coffee grinder has 6 grinding levels from fine to coarse, make the adjustment of the powder crudeness or fineness so easy. By slowly turning the handle to crush the beans, the flavour of the beans become stronger and mellow.

Durable and Portable: These professional coffee grinders are made of high-quality materials. The ceramic burr and the stainless steel hand crank are durable and sturdy. And the portable design allows you to take them home, office or anywhere else. Please avoid grinding without coffee beans inside otherwise it will damage the ceramic and the grinder.

Easy to Fill: User-friendly designed lids make you fill the coffee beans into the grinder with minimal effort. And It is easy to take it apart and assemble again. It is also easy to clean, just rinsing with water