Nourishing Gray Hair Dye Cream

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Get This Stylish And Classy Sophisticated Silver Looks NOW!

Dyeing hair in a salon always costs you a whole day and relatively expensive prices. Our Nourishing Gray Hair Dye Cream is here to bring you a classy and trendy new look that is at the equally salon-grade quality! All you need is included in one bottle and you will get the superior look with glamorous silver hues in just one hour!


Our Hair Dye Cream is added with hair-nourishing ingredients that keep hair moisturized and silky soft. Unlike other eye creams, it won’t leave you a long-lasting dry feeling at all.



It will also leave your hair a protective coat that seals in the formula into a permanent colour to give you a long-lasting result! Let's try out this money- and time-saver product now!



  • Trendy Silver Color
    This hair dye cream will give your hair a pure, stunning, and classy silver colour without looking dull and old.
  • Protective Coat
    The special formula of the dye cream will leave a protective coat on your hair to seal in the colour and keep your hair healthy and strong.
  • Hair-nourishing
    Hair-nourishing ingredients are added to the formula to keep hair moisturized and silky soft. Your hair won’t be dried out like after using other hair dye products.
  • Long-lasting Result
    By the special formula, this hair dye is permanent with only minimal fading from washing. You can keep this stunning silver look as long as you want!
  • Easy to Use
    The dye is premixed and comes in a bottle with everything you need. Very detailed instructions will be included in the package and the whole process can be done within an hour! 

SPECIFICATIONS:Weight: 100 ml