Professional Double-sided 51/53/58mm Coffee Distributor & Tamper

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The Double-Sided Coffee Tamper and distributor was created to improve consistency and workflow for both the speciality coffee barista in a café and a home barista seeking café results.  Consistency is achieved by setting the depth of the distribution and tamper sides with the coffee being used.  After setting it, workflow improves because a barista no longer needs to juggle two separate tools.

The distribution side of the Double-Sided Coffee Tamper is unique compared to all other coffee distribution tools.  The faceted design emulates the Stockfleths move used by professional baristas.  The angles of the facets ensure coffee density is not localized and reduces friction, so coffee grounds don’t stick to the surface.  It has the smallest footprint area of compression and can be rotated in both directions to reduce the possibility of channelling.

A barista’s workflow is improved when using the Double-Sided coffee tamper and distributor because you can simply turn it over to the tamper side after redistribution, compress the coffee grounds until the collar evenly rests on the portafilter rim. 

The Double-Sided coffee tamper and distributor is easy to adjust, each side has a 58.3mm diameter and can be adjusted individually or together.  You simply rotate one or both sections of the collar by hand. Once the desired depth is achieved, simply turn and rotate the collar to lock it in place.

The Double-Sided coffee tamper and distributor is the best all-in-one barista tool on the market to improve your espresso-making results.