Stainless Steel Adapter for using Nespresso Original line Capsules with Nespresso Vertuoline Machines

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Get started with brewing top quality coffee with your existing coffee machine!

Save the environment and money by using the iCafilas reusable Stainless Steel Adapter for Nespresso Vertuoline.



Because of the differences in the brewing process, many of the reusable pods on the market are intended for the Original line of Nespresso machines, and very few are built for the Vertuo line. This is because the mechanics of the Vertuo process are more complicated. These pods need to spin rapidly, and it’s this spinning motion that mixes the coffee and water properly.
These adaptors are meant to help you create a personalized coffee experience with your new compatible Nespresso Vertuoline machines.



  • An eco-friendly tool to save money and will allow you to switch to the flavours of the Nespresso Original Line Pods, giving you more flexibility.
  • New Design Adapter Put the Nespresso original line pods in the reusable stainless Steel Adapter for Nespresso Vertuoline GCA1, or ENV135, ENV150 or Vertuoline Plus.
  • Creates 40 to 70 ml coffee shots.